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How does the Black Hills Welcome Box work?

Be the first to introduce your business to new homeowners!

The Black Hills Welcome Box is a great way to welcome new homeowners coming to the area and show them who YOU are and get them to come into your business. Starting September 1st, Dot Marketing and The Black Hills Welcome Box will be sending out 100 boxes each month to new home buyers in the Rapid City and Box Elder areas. These boxes will be stuffed full of awesome goodies from local area businesses, which introduces the new movers to your products or your business. There are several benefits of the Black Hills Welcome Box, but this is a little more about how it works and why it works.

Did you know, 85% of new movers will use the FIRST business that contacts them?

HOW does it work?

WHY does it work?

There are THREE ways to participate in the Black Hills Welcome Box:

This is for a 5-month commitment when signing up.


Your 5”x7” Postcard will be placed in an envelope branded with the Welcome Box inside the large mailed box. Your design, printing, inserting and mailing all included in the price.

Promotional Item

Your promotional item will be inside as a gift to the new homeowner. Gift will be provided by you.

Exclusive Bundle

Postcard ($200 value) + Promotional gift up to $1.25 per item and packaged ($275 value). Mailing list exported weekly to target these new movers again. ($50 value) The exclusivity (hard to place a value)!

Get Started Today (This is for a 5-month commitment when signing up.)
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You will be charged a down payment of the first two months (50%) and then will be invoiced the monthly amount for the following 3 months. For promotional items please drop off your items at 8035 Black Hawk Road Suite 3 in Black Hawk, SD.